Welcome to the Czech Republic

On the map, we are but a small country in the heart of Europe. But from the moment you arrive in Prague, I’m certain its beauty will take your breath away. What can you expect? A very warm welcome! In the Czech Republic, you’ll find friends easily - whether going out dancing, to the theatre or a concert, or simply spending an evening chatting over a pint of the renowned Czech beer. Last but not least, we Czechs have a very special ironic sense of humour you’ll fall in love with.


People come from around the world to study all kinds of programmes with us, such as medicine, architecture, film and IT. Prague, Brno and Olomouc have been known as great centres of learning since the Middle Ages, and today have become vibrant university towns. And outside study time, you can experience the legendary student life - improving your English with your classmates, visiting the many clubs and cafes, and hiking, skiing and canoeing in the beautiful countryside. A major advantage for students is the low cost of living: accommodation, food and entertainment can all be enjoyed at a fraction of the cost of London or New York. Statistics show that 90% of our graduates find a job within a year. And who knows - the roots you plant here could hold for a lifetime. 

Welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Czech Republic - basic facts

Area 78,866 sq km
Population 10.5 million
Borders with Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia
EU member state Since 2004
Capital Praha (Prague)
Currency Czech crown / CZK (1USD = approx. 25CZK, 1EUR = approx. 28CZK)
Political system Parliamentary republic
Climate Seasonal variations (warm summers, chilly autumns and cold winters)
 Average temperatures January -4 °C; July 24 °C