Ki-min P. / South Korea

“Czech Republic, you have the most beatiful girls in the world! I’ve had a really good time here. My fellow students immediately took me in and tmake it clearer who this is referring to - e.g. the Eduthea team were very supportive/helpful. Liberec isn’t a big city, but there are lots of opportunities to have fun and I am very satisfied with the university, TUL (Technical University of Liberec).”

Alexej B. / Russia 

“Last year I finished my studies at ARCHIP (Architectural Institute in Prague). I was very happy with the quality of teaching at this university and I got a lot out of the experience. I never expected that people would be so kind to me! I have made a lot of friends and will be coming back to visit. I must say thank you, Eduthea, you helped me to change my life.”

 Toshi N. / Japan

“I studied at the New York University Prague for over 18 months and was very happy there. During my stay, I made a lot of new friends and experienced many new things! I am sure that one day, I will visit Prague again!”

 Arushi K. / China

For me studying abroad has been a real adventure, because the Czech Republic has a completely different culture to China. The architecture of Prague is beautiful and absolutely original. That´s why so many people come here every year. Charles University is an excellent university with a lot of history and I appreciate the chance to study here. I enjoy living here and am even thinking of applying for a job here when I finish my studies.”

 Vijay G. / India

“I have been living in the Czech Republic for one year and studying at ARCHIP (Architectural Institute In Prague). I have to say that the quality of education in the Czech Republic is incredible. Prague is such a magnificent city with a rich history. The Czechs have been very nice to me and are incredibly helpful. Czech food is very tasty, but the best thing is the beer! There is nothing as good as Czech beer. I would like to thank the entire team at Eduthea for helping me to study in the Czech Republic. If you’re thinking about studying in Europe, Czech Republic is a great choice. You are in the middle of everything...”

 Christine M. / Norway

“I always wanted to visit the Czech Republic. So when I had the chance to study in Prague, I couldn’t believe it! It was like a dream come true. I was studying CVUT (Czech Technical University in Prague). The university is so big and modern. My classmates were very helpful and friendly. I really enjoyed living in Prague - the nightlife at the weekend is fantastic and there are so many opportunities to enjoy time outside classes. I made a lot of new friends during my stay in Prague and I am still in contact with them!”

 Mao K. / Korea

“So here I am in the Czech Republic, studying at Charles University in Prague. The University’s grand history and friendly staff make for a wonderful atmosphere. I am the only South Korean in my class and I enjoy it! The city is so beautiful and magical. I have never seen so many castles, towers and historical buildings in one city in my entire life! There is the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and many others. I would like to thank the entire team at Eduthea for helping me to study in Prague.”