The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) offers accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in English as an officially recognised higher education institution in the Czech Republic, in partnership with prestigious international universities in the United States and Europe. Currently there are over 800 students from over 60 different countries studying at UNYP. UNYP has over 1,700 alumni all over the world and more than 125 instructors from over 30 different countries. 


Situated in the historic central district of Prague, UNYP provides students with an excellent educational environment, including a comprehensive library, three computer labs, an international student help desk, an accommodation office, a careers office, a variety of sports clubs, and access to a fitness centre and swimming pool.  





USD / academic year


USD / # months

Business Administration 4,800 N/A
Communications and Mass Media 3,300 N/A
English Language and Literature 3,300 N/A
Finance 3,300 N/A
International & Economic Relations 3,300 N/A
IT Management 3,300 N/A
Psychology 3,300 12,200 (24 months)
International Management N/A 10,800 (12 months)
Master of Law N/A 9,200 (12 months)
Strategic Communication N/A 10,600 (15 months)
Second Language Teaching N/A on request
MBA N/A 13,600 (24 months)

 These prices are estimated. Final price will be quoted in a moment of enquiry according to exchange rate.